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Nutritox - VeganJoy

Nutritox - VeganJoy

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For years Vegans and Vegetarians lacked options for good tasting good textured plant based proteins, until now that is. Nutritox Vegan Joy is a great tasting pea protein with a fantastic texture. Not only does the taste and texture make this protein differ from other plant based proteins you've tried, it's unique in that it's a 3 in 1 protein that provides you with 27 grams of protein, a TruServ Organic Greens Blend and a Probiotic Blend featuring 2 Billion CFU's per serving to aid in digestion and support absorption. Beyond that Vegan Joy is great for those out there who love Natural products as it's naturally sweetened and flavored with Stevia.

Product Highlights:

  • 7 Grams of Plant Based Protein
  • Featuring TruServ Organic Greens Blend
  • 2 Billion CFU Per Serving to Aid in Digestion
  • Naturally Flavored & Sweetened With Stevia
  • Three-In-One Product Featuring Protein, Greens and Probiotics
  • Great Tasting & Textured Plant Based Protein Powder
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