Do Fat Burners Really Work?

Do Fat Burners Really Work?

One of the top questions we get in store is; “Do fat burners work?” Short answer, yes! What is important is to understand HOW they work and what differentiates them from each other. In this blog post I’m going to break it down into simple terms. 

The first type of fat burner is an appetite suppressant. A good example would be UNLOCK which does a good job of making you less hungry, and producing more energy. While the contents of the pill aren’t directly burning fat molecules, it’s giving you all the tools to lose fat (more energy to move more, and less appetite to eat less). 

Another popular type of fat burner is a thermogenic, as well as a metabolism booster. While different, they generally have the same goal which is to increase your calorie expenditure. The goal here is to make your calorie deficit larger by burning more calories you otherwise wouldn’t have, which speeds up your progress. Both Grains of Paradise and Rubix are great options in these categories! 

A lesser talked about fat burner that should get more time in the spotlight is a Glucose Disposal Agent (GDA for short!) These can improve your body's insulin sensitivity, and give your muscles more energy from the food you eat which can make carbs less likely to be stored as fat.

And finally, cortisol blockers are the last type of fat burner you need to know about! These products have the ability to lower your stress levels by decreasing bad cortisol levels. That of course means less stress eating which can keep you in your calorie deficit, and provide more fat loss!

All in all, fat burners work depending on your goal. Someone who struggles to keep their eating in check may not enjoy a thermogenic as much as an appetite suppressant. Or someone who has high stress wouldn’t see success with a GDA. It all is goal dependent, and we have a variety of options that suit everyone's needs!

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