ABOUT No Limits Nutrition

No Limits became a store out of necessity, well at least for me it did. I was 21 years old working almost 80 hours a week between 3 jobs, and I needed a change. One of those jobs was in fact a big chain supplement store, lets just say it rhymes with BMG. Without going into all the issues that I had with that place, I knew I could create something better. I knew that there should be a store that carries all quality brands, offers real advice, and one that most importantly puts people before profit.

About 8 months after that realization No Limits was born! I feel our location is perfect, right in the middle of Richmond on Broad St - the busiest street in the city. Our goals from that first day of opening are the same as they are now. We want to help everyone reach their fitness goals in the most efficient way possible. Now, there is a key to doing this, I mean obviously you have to be knowledgable about all the products and what they do, but there is a part as equally essential. The part that is just as important is to LISTEN.

We ask our customers questions to find out as much as we can about what they're looking for, what their goals are, and what their previous experiences are. We then take all this information and make specific recommendations for that customer. It sounds pretty straight forward, but honestly you'd be surprised.

For almost 5 entire years I was against No Limits having a website to purchase products off of due to some of the reasons I just mentioned above. With a website it's hard to make a connection with people. I truly want to help make sure people get the best recommendations and advice they can, and that's easiest to do in person. However, as time went on I began to realize that I can provide the same level of service online as I do person, while simultaneously making it easier for our out of town customers to get what they need. That's why I am literally just an e-mail, call, or message away. If you have any questions at all, or need recommendations I would love to help you. The number to call is 804-367-7951, the e-mail is joseph@nolimitsnutritioncenter.com , and last but not least you can always message us on our Instagram @nolimitsnutritionrva .​

To all of our customers over the past 5 years - thank you for being apart of No Limits, your support means the world to us. May we all grow in strength and spirit over the years to come. - Joe


  • Communication is Everything
  • Raise Your Standards
  • Encourage Others Through Empathy
  • Act with Urgency
  • Learn Something New


We believe that supplement buying should be easy, and that the supplements you buy should help you produce the results that you want. That's why we only carry the best selection of products that we can possibly find, think of us as a castle wall that protects you from all the garbage out there.  At No Limits, most importantly, we give it to you straight and really try to help you manage expectations when it comes to supplementation. We don't over promise, but we always try to over deliver.