How To Start Taking Workout Supplements

How To Start Taking Workout Supplements

Everything has a beginning. You didn’t become an expert in your field after one day, did you? So why do we expect to enter into the gym or the fitness world and suddenly know everything. It’s unrealistic, and it’s a huge reason many of us feel intimidated by the gym and our overall fitness journey.

If you’re also not in a community of people on this journey it’s hard to know where to go, who to ask, what to do. Our team at No Limits Nutrition Center, a workout supplement store in Richmond, is always happy for you to stop by and ask us some questions. We can be that friend for you! The question we often get asked is about specific workout supplements. For many of us starting our fitness journey, and for a lot of years into this lifestyle, reading workout supplement labels can feel like chemistry 101 or even a foreign language.

We sell a variety of workout supplements in Richmond, but we want to discuss some of the key supplements you’ll use in your fitness journey.

BCAAs (Amino Acids)

BCAAS stand for Brand-chain amino acids, specifically leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Don’t fall asleep on us! These ingredients are key to your gains. They perservice muscle glycogen stores and reduce protein breakdown during exercise. If you’re doing resistance training, we definitely suggest you take some amino acids! We offer a variety of BCAAs that have different intentions such as more recovery and hydration or endurance and energy. If you’ve never taken amino acids, we definitely recommend stopping by the workout supplement store in Richmond to chat with one of our team about your goals and needs.

There is no specific science that states when the best time to take amino acids is.


If you’ve never even been in the gym once in your life, you’ve heard the term pre-work out. But what exactly is it? Consuming the right fuel before exercising can make or break your workout.

Pre-work out is essentially a compact form of energy, caffeine, with a punch like carb loading or a big cup of coffee to help give you the energy to smash through a workout. Pre-workout isn’t going to transform your body, but it is going to give you that extra push when you’re groggy in the morning or after a long day at work. Pre-workouts also include a host of other benefits like blood flow, mental focus, and fat burning. However, some people aren’t a fan of stimulants for whatever reason, maybe sleep or anxiety, and they also make non-stimulant pre-workout with all the benefits of a pre-workout with caffeine. If you’ve never taken pre-workout or you’re not used to caffeine, we definitely suggest swinging by the store to discuss with the team about your first pre-workout and over all workout supplements downtown Richmond.

Pre-workout should be taken 30 to 60 minutes before your workout session.


Creatine is a good supplement to take to support your muscle during a heavy lifting session or high intensity exercise. It enhances strength, muscle mass, and overall performance. It’s also a great supplement for older folks to support brain health as there is much research to support it’s importance in fighting Alzheimer’s, and overall quality of life for vegetarians and vegans as most creatine is formed naturally in the body from consuming red meat and seafood. Creatine can be taken any time on workout day. However, it’s important to discuss creatine with someone who is an expert on workout supplements, so please ask someone on the team at No Limits, before taking creatine.


When it comes to muscle repair, muscle growth, boosted immunity, fat loss, and just overall health, protein is a key component. While you can consume protein from food, by taking protein powder you can ensure you’re gaining all your protein targets and allow for some more variety in your meals.

  1. There are so many protein powders available created for specific needs that we’re actually writing a blog about it. Keep an eye out for it shortly in the next few weeks, but in the mean time come to the store, and whether you’re interested in casein or whey, vegan protein powders, delicious flavors, or just not even sure where to start, we’ve got your back.
  2. There are so many protein powders available we’ve dedicated an entire blog to discussing the many choices you can grab at No Limits. We’ve also written a blog on why protein powder is important to take your fitness level to the next journey.


    We all know vitamins are an important way to take care of our bodies, and many of us think we get and retain all the nutrients and vitamins we need from healthy meals. But did you know during your workout you are sweating out loads of all those nutrients you consume during those amazingly balanced meals? Which is why we recommend taking some daily vitamins. We have a whole host of vitamins at the workout supplement store in Richmond, and everyone is a bit different, so we don’t want to tell you what to take as a blanket statement. We have everything from daily greens to gut health support to fish oil.

    Ready to start your workout supplement journey?

    If you’re ready to take your health and fitness to a new level, we’d love to see you in the store. We are stocked full of all the products you need to create a healthy lifestyle. We also have $6 protein shake saturdays. So come down and see us, ask us all the questions, and grab a delicious protein shake.

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