Proper Protein Intake and Habits

Proper Protein Intake and Habits

Protein at its core is what allows us to build muscle. You may remember from science class that proteins really are the building blocks of life! Every cell in your body contains protein. For those of us with intense training regimes, supplementing a protein powder and making protein conscious meal decisions is important. Your body is constantly in need of repair, and being able to help it create more proteins is essential for muscle growth and recovery.

 Knowing how much to take is another story. Lots of people have likely been told “one gram per pound of bodyweight” and lived by that. While it isn’t always inaccurate, a much better calculation is 1.2-1.5 grams per pound of lean body mass. People with an extremely low (or, extremely high) body fat mass are often where this calculation comes into play more, as their proportions are skewed one way or the other. Finding these metrics are difficult with a calculation, so at No Limits we have an InBody 270 body scanner to help you get those metrics as accurately as possible!

Ideally, all of our protein could come from whole foods. However, it doesn’t fit into most people’s macro and calorie ranges. Protein powder is a very effective tool that can help keep your protein high but calories and macros in a range you require. While protein powders can be taken at any time of day, many people choose to supplement right after a workout with 1-2 scoops (usually 40-50 grams). Doing so post workout helps your body start the repair process instantly, building your muscles back stronger than they were prior. Without the proper amount of protein, the repair process won’t happen as smoothly leading to more tired and not as strong muscles. 

Anyone can (and should) supplement protein. Whether you’re on a bulk, a cut, or just looking to maintain, protein leads to a healthier, stronger body.

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