Top Three Supplement Categories to Consider to Get The Best Results

Top Three Supplement Categories to Consider to Get The Best Results

Wether you’re focused on bulking, cutting, improving health, strength building, endurance building, or any other type of fitness goal there are 3 categories of supplements that will help you function and perform your best. Below we are going to list those for you, and talk about why you’d want to try these!

Protein is essential for recovery from any type of fitness activity. Athletes who want to prioritize their recovery must hold their protein intake to a high regard. The more often you hit your protein intake the faster you will recover and ultimately come closer to reaching your goals. A lot of people have problems getting all their protein from whole foods, especially individuals with a much higher protein goal. Supplementing with a protein powder can make it easier and more convenient for you to conquer these requirements you set for yourself. If you want to reach your goals as fast as possible make sure you can check off getting your daily protein needs off your list.

Modern American food these days is more stripped of nutrients than it’s ever been. Processed foods fill the majority of space in grocery stores, while fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and eggs continue to incur higher price tags. Do to this it’s more expensive and harder than ever for the average person to get the right amount of vitamins and micronutrients their body needs; especially those who physically train their bodies. That’s why it is imperative to supplement with a multivitamin or superfoods supplement. Making sure your body is intaking the right amount of micronutrients will help with natural energy levels, brain function, immunity, overall health, and countless other internal physical functions that your body is constantly undergoing. Optimizing these processes will overall increase your level of performance, which will then lead you closer to the heights of success you desire to achieve.

Everyone is always looking for a competitive edge, and for most people the first place they should look is creatine monohydrate. Creatine can increase muscular performance, muscle size, and recovery; three key things most athletes desire. There’s a misconception that creatine can bloat you, but that is simply not true. Creatine helps pull more water and fluids into your muscle. Since your muscle is mostly made of liquid already it is legitimately there for the most efficient way to increase muscle size rapidly. You’re not going to gain 20 lbs or anything like that, its not magic, but you can expect to add 4-6 lbs of solid weight to your frame in just a few quick weeks! For a lot of people that will significantly help with performance or get them closer to the way they’d like to look.

There’s plenty of other supplement categories that can help you get closer to your goals, but for most people, and especially beginners we recommend considering the three we talked about here first. When considering taking a supplement don’t always focus on the “how”, focus on the “why”. Ask yourself why you should be taking the specific type of supplement and does it’s intended benefits move you closer to where you want to be? If you can answer that question with yes, then it’s up to you to decide wether or not to proceed for yourself.

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