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Alpha Lion - Superhuman Protein

Alpha Lion - Superhuman Protein

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A mouth-watering whey protein isolate for those who want to feel Superhuman after crushing every workout. Combining unbeatable flavor with 25 grams of ultra-premium undenatured protein in every scoo. Loaded with a patented digestive enzyme blend to minimize stomach discomfort resulting in a protein experience that’s super pure, super easy to digest, and super f****** tasty. 

Not all whey protein isolates are created equal...
Only one can be truly Superhuman. By starting with Glanbia's Provon® 290 SFL premium quality undenatured protein source, then using an extensive cross-flow microfiltration process to maximize protein purity - you are left with 28 servings of the cleanest, smoothest protein on the planet! 

Fortified wtih digestive enzymes and Astragin to assist with digestion & absorption!!


  • As a dietary supplement consume one scoop with 8-12 oz of cold water or milk beverage. For best consistency results shake in a shaker cup or blend in a blender!
  • Best used after workout, but can be used any time of day!

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