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Hypd Supps - YOLO Darkside

Hypd Supps - YOLO Darkside

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HYPD SUPPS wasn't messing around when the crafter up YOLO Darkside, this is one of the strongest pre-workouts we've seen in some time, and once you try we are confident you would say the same. 

This product is MEGA dosed with ingredients to help increase pump, endurance, and even hydration in the gym... but thats not all. It also has a very strong amount of stimulants. In the full serving there is actually 800mg of total stim, and 200mg of that is the one and only DMHA. This pre-workout doesn't fall shy when it comes to focus either, so with the said it really does help in all areas that you'd want a pre-workout to assist in.  

Contains Caffiene: this product contains 378mg of caffiene per FULL serving.  

Product Highlights:
- 40 scoops
- high stimulant 
- 4.5g Beta Alanine 
- 1g of Coconut Water Extract
- 10g of Citrulline Malate


  • Start by mixing ONE scoop with 10-16 ozs of cold water and consuming 20 minutes before the gym. Advanced users may use TWO scoops in a 24 hour time period. 
  • Do not consume more than two scoops in a 24 hour window, ever. 
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