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Nutra Innovations - Burn Xtreme

Nutra Innovations - Burn Xtreme

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Body fat regulation is dependent up on 1) calorie/energy balance and 2) lipid balance. Simply put, losing fat requires more calories to be burned AND more of those calories to come from body fat. Burn Xtreme™ commandeers the body’s natural fat burning processes and kicks them into overdrive. Specific ingredient were selected to increase metabolic rate and lipolysis to strip away body fat and bring you the lean, cut physique you desire.

  • Caffeine accelerates your heart rate to increase the amount of calories burned while also stimulating adrenaline to open up body fat storages.
  • Yohimbe Extract complements caffeine by keeping necessary fat-burning neurotransmitters active.
  • L-Theanine and Theacrine help take the heavy stimulant edge off and keep you focused.

Extreme fat burning can only be achieved by burning more fat calories. Burn Xtreme™ is perfectly engineered to maximize both processes and deliver results.

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